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Outstaffing means employment into our staff of already existing and working Clients' personnel which can not be represented in his own staff by any reasons, with subsequent secondment of such employees to the Client. The employees continue working at the previous work and fulfill the same tasks, but the rights and obligations of the employer are being legally moved to Job-Consulting Ltd., which concludes labor agreements, keeps documents, pays charges to the funds in accordance with the current legislation, etc. It is a procedure when employees are officially itemized as Job-Consulting Ltd.'s employees, and work for a Client under service provision agreement.

Outstaffing benefits:
  • Reducing staff quantity;
  • Preserving direct operational management of the employees;
  • Reducing costs for personnel;
  • Absence of the labor disputes risk, such risks are borne by a service-provider;
  • Possibility to build multilevel motivation mechanisms, including nonfinancial incentive for the employees to be transferred into the company's staff;
  • Possibility of any term employment;
  • Reducing HR and accounting functions;
  • Reallocation of the balance sheet items by means of transfer costs for remuneration of payment into costs for external agencies;
Job-Consulting Ltd. undertakes to fulfill the following:
  • enroll into our staff and conclude labor relations with Client's personnel;
  • keep work books and all the obligatory HR documents for the personnel;
  • charge and discharge salaries to the employees in time;
  • calculate and pay temporary disability, leave compensation, subsistence allowances and other expenses in time;
  • charge and pay taxes to the funds established in accordance with legislation;
  • effect sick lists, leaves, business trips and all the enquiries needed for an employee;
  • solve dispute issues and conflict situations with employees;
  • observe all the norms of labor and tax legislations;
  • legally support your company and the outstaffed personnel.
Steps on Outstaffing cooperation
  • Job-Consulting Ltd. and your company conclude an agreement on service provision;
  • Job-Consulting Ltd. concludes fixed-term labor contract with each employee to be outstaffed to our company, as well as terminates labor relations;
  • Job-Consulting Ltd. pays salary as well as all other bonuses, compensations and additional payments defined by your company to each employee on a monthly basis;
  • Job-Consulting Ltd. charges all the necessary taxes determined by the legislation on the monthly basis;
  • Job-Consulting Ltd. submits to your company an invoice for the services rendered and report on the work done.

Outstaffing Service cost depends on the number of the outstaffed employees, extent of compensation and necessary insurance for an employee as well as on the amount of payroll taxes. It is a subject to an individual discussion with each Client. Details by phone (+38044) 223 64 25 and
(+38044) 223 64 26 or by e-mail


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