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Work order

1. Receiving an application for search and selection of employees

You may call to Job-Consulting Ltd. via telephone (+38044) 223 64 25 or (+38044) 223 64 26 to make an order for the services you need. Our consultants will answer your questions and send you the form of an application for search and selection of employees by e-mail or through fax. The Head of the company or a person authorized for should fill in an application, sign and send back to us by e-mail or fax.

2. Gathering of the information necessary for employee selection

Having received an order for employees' selection, we analyze the vacancy. In order to get a cleared view of the task assigned, we meet top-managers of the company or persons authorized for negotiations. We study out the main objectives of the company, task of the necessary employee and work conditions to be worked within. At this stage we agree with a Client the method to be used while searching process of the necessary employee.

3. Search of the candidates

Job-Consulting Ltd. practices various methods of searching candidates depending on the vacancy, its requirements and order execution schedule:

  • Database of the company
    We constantly monitor and supplement our database.
  • Searching via advertisement
    We place information on the open vacancy in Mass Media, at our web-site, and at the specialized web-sites
  • Additional means of search
    We also practice searching of the employees you need through professional associations (forums, specialized clubs), among institutes and business schools graduates. We use our personal relations and recommendations.
  • Executive Search
    If searching through Mass Media and database is not efficient, the only way to find an appropriate candidate is to search candidates who are actively and successfully working for other companies.
  • Headhunting
    We may also negotiate with the concrete candidates you want to transfer to your company. Headhunting is a method of employee search when search of the needed candidate is held by the methods of executing search among companies-competitors.

4. Selection of candidates

Having found the appropriate candidates, we conduct preliminary telephone interviews. We assess professional experience of the candidates. We determine motivation of the candidate as well his/her expected salary rate. We interview candidates. Analyze written documents (questionnaires, CVs). We gather information about a candidate, references and recommendations from the previous places of work.

5. Successful candidates

We provide the Client with a description of each successful candidate, and then the Client approves candidates for a second interview after which our Client defines the most successful candidate for an open vacancy.

6. Job offer and payment of the company's fee

Once the Client has made a job offer to the candidate - the successful candidate starts working and the happy Client pays company's fee for the services rendered.

We value long-term cooperation with our Clients - it characterizes our professional recognition.

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