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Staff Leasing

Staff leasing is a technology of personnel employment, where the required personnel is selected and employed by one company (Lessor) but actually works for another company (Lessee) under the staff leasing agreement.

Job-Consulting Ltd. provides services on Staff Leasing, i.e. complex of work associated with search and employment of the selected employees into our company staff with subsequent secondment of the employees to work for the Client. We provide the following range of administration and accounting operation:
  • Hire and fire employees, concluding labor agreements, keeping work books;
  • Second Job-Consulting Ltd.'s employees to work for the Client to fulfill tasks in accordance with the position the employee is employed for;
  • Charging and discharging salaries, sick leave compensations,leave allowances and other payments provided for by the legislation of Ukraine;
  • Transfer all the necessary taxes to the State budget and funds.

There are two types of the Staff Leasing. Short-term leasing is intended for a 3 months period. Long-term Staff Leasing allows working from 3 months to several years.

Short-term Staff Leasing

Such service is intended for temporary employment. It allows increasing and then decreasing man power, responding flexibly on its need.
Applicable when:
  • - Leave period in your company
  • - Employees' leave related to a child born
  • - Long illness of an employee
  • - Short-term project works in a company
  • - Promotion actions, exhibitions, conferences
  • - Marketing searches
  • - Business meetings

Long-term Staff Leasing

Such service is intended for a long-term employment, at client's need, in case when the Client's staff does not provided for an increase of its quantity by means of new specialists employment.

Staff Leasing service cost depends upon the list of necessary services and shall be discussed individually with each Client. Please consult our company by phone (+38044) 223 64 25 and (+38044) 223 64 26 or send a request for an information to

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